About Us

The Savi Story

Lena Lendl is the owner and creator of Savi Organics Product lines. Savi formulations are defined by her strong believe in organic and natural food for the self inside and out.

Lena’s story begins in Austria where she was born and raised. After many years working as a professional Chef her health started to decline due to persistent and growing allergies to hidden food additives and chemicals. This led her onto the quest to learn more about biochemistry. Also to learn more about the origin of allergies and environmental toxins we face on daily basis. Aromatherapy and botany were studies that followed.

In 2007 her love of travel took her to Australia where she fell in love with the land and its people and she ended up staying. Lena resumed her studies and added a Diploma in Personal Care Science Formulations to her set of skills. The quest to a healthy & nurtured human body was taking shape and a new passion was born.

Savi Organics is the creation of the combined knowledge of Lena’s studies and experience – utilizing only the best organic and least processed raw materials. All materials have been hand selected with utmost care to potency and purity. This is Lena’s gift to Savi customers; Integrity of materials used and the finished Savi products in their pure and potent form. All products are hand made to ensure ongoing quality control; packaged into single layer environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging ensuring minimum waste.

All our products adhere to COSMOS certification guidelines including our non-certified product range. Savi is also proud to be certified Cruelty Free and in additon part of the Australian ChemFree Community.

Our team is proud to manufacture Savi products in Margaret River by hand, keeping our local jobs alive and including the local community in our product development.

The Savi team strives on integrity, honesty, quality, eco-friendliness and community awareness.

In this day and age close attention needs to be paid to ingredient listings on all products consumed to ensure we stay healthy and nurture our body with only the best possible food inside and out.

The Savi product family is made up from 4 different lines.

Savi Organics Australia products are COSMOS certified personal care products and predominantly hold 95% organic content of total input.

Savi Margaret River products are natural and organic including Face and Body Washes and scrubs.

Savi Seeds is Lena’s custom baby product range and has been created after the birth of her son. Tested by 400 mums to determine the best and most effective product solution. Including our “Lactation” tea based on a recipe from the 18th century.

Savi Salt & Tea which include bath salts, organic WA lake salt products and organic teas

If you want to know more and or have any questions please email Lena directly at lena@saviorganics.com