Food, food, food and food again ... what you put in you will get in return it says in an old saying.

Being a foraging Food - addict and also a Chef (one of my many trades); Has led me to discover many foods from many different countries and taught me to value their heritage, history and love attached to food creations. 

Food is the ultimate nourishment for the human body and no supplement can take its place. If you have already taken the step to an organic lifestyle the choice of an organic wholefood journey is probably part of it already. All I can say is that your Body will love you for it. 

This is a collection dedicated to the "Organic Foodie" such as myself to assist with the choice of organic living. All products have been carefully chosen and support the eco system, sustainability and organic living. Of course I am happy to listen to your product suggestion and would love to hear from you and discuss your ideas. 

Bright Blessings

Lena @ Savi



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