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Savi Organics was born out of the believe that healthy living and eating is the best foundation for a wholesome happy and abundant life. It was my unmet health needs that created the starting point for the ever evolving Savi Organics Range and has taken many turns since, with another very exiting product update on the horizon.

My name is Lena Lendl and this is me and my little man Mojo.  Who is just short of being 3 this year. My life has taken many turns and I have had to reinvent myself many times due to emerging health problems mainly. My little man has changed my life in a heartbeat - the whirlwind of happiness and trust is overwhelmingly beautiful. Which has further defined my personal calling for this life to share, to nurture, teach and help provide a sustainable future for my generation and the generations to come. Like all of us I am continuously learning, from my child, my environment and the people I am blessed to meet. Follow me on https://www.instagram.com/saviorganics/ and see what we are up to and get to meet.

All raw material used in the Savi Product Range are from sustainable sources, mostly organic and are present in beneficial amounts in the finished products. I have personally sourced the best available organic materials on the market which I trust in origin and process. 

This is a big thing for me as I have learnt the hard way growing up by suffering horrific allergic reactions over the years and are now bound to growing and living organic. Through the support and teachings of many amazing people I have been blessed to meet throughout my journey. Creations of cosmetics, food, cleaning products and even garden/plant treatments have come to life. See more at saviorganics.wordpress.com

My personal journey through life has been full of adventure, one of a kind and much grounding needed to be done at times. Early days I was working as a florist and later got my certificate as professional Chef and Restaurant Manager. Which was short lived to extensive chemical & metal allergies developing. Followed by a hip operation that got me stranded for almost 18mth. But it determined my further path in life and sent me to meet the love of my life on a deserted beach. A whirlwind of 3 amazing love filled years followed and in 2010 I lost the love of my life forever. 

The time that followed allowed me to go deep within myself to re-center. After 2 years of healing & immersing myself into Horticulture & Personal Care Formulation studies - Savi evolved and with it a new blossoming relationship of trust in wholesome living. Personal new found love followed and in 2016 our little Mojo was born. 

We all are unique and we all are travelling our own paths but we all share the same space the same earth and environment. We are all in this together and it is our responsibility to make sure future generations can enjoy Earth in all its glory. Our brand partners are hand-picked, use sustainable sources and help create a better environment. All products are shipped from the manufacturer directly which allows for amazing savings which I can then pass on to the Savi Customers

Like our lives Savi is ever-evolving and new products will be added at times. Don't be upset if an item is no longer available as it simply means it no longer meets the sustainability standard and will be replaced with a better option in the future. 

Become a Savi-Family-member and  let me know if there is a product that you think should be part of these collections and I will try my best to find a sustainable source. I look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you in our store and become part of the Savi family

Bright Blessings

Lena @ Savi

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