Rest & Repair Collagen
Rest & Repair Collagen

Rest & Repair Collagen

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Bringing a whole new meaning to beauty sleep, rest & repair is a lunar elixir specifically formulated and proven to produce smooth radiant skin from within. Designed to help you unwind and destress, Ashwagandha and magnesium naturally relax the mind and body to prepare you for deep restorative sleep.

Thanks to our hydrolisation process, our collagen blend is highly potent to ensure significant improvements in your skin, hair and nails. We have added Vitamin C & Zinc which stimulates the body’s natural collagen production and helps produce a youthful appearance.

Savi Rest & Repair contains approx 5000 mg hydrolysed collagen peptides per serve, much more potency than other collagen and you will notice effective, long lasting results in your skin, hair and nails.

Type I & III Collagen assist in minimizing wrinkles & give you the youthful glow. They also help to stimulates the production of amino acids, which is good for joints & bones.

Edible collagen is a fuss free, genius addition to your nighttime skincare routine to maintain a youthful glow.

* Recommended for Night Use. Best to be consumed before Bed.

Customer Reviews

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Feel the difference in skin hair and nails

I was given a sachet of the rest and repair as a gift and have been taking it nightly and notice a big difference in my skin hair and nails, in both growth and strength. My skin feels brighter I am really happy with this product and will absolutely use again. Thank you

Dr Aurelne T

Nowadays a Nighttime wind down routine is so so important.
I do mine with a milky collagen drink - Almond Mylk with Savi Rest & Repair

Liz Winata

I always have sleeping issues. Savi Night collagen assists me to a sound night sleep and I am well refreshed and glowing the next morning!


Adding collagen to everything is good for your hair, skin and nails whilst supporting ligaments and joint for gym enthusiasts
I include them in my dessert at dinner for a good night’s sleep!

Anna Adilbert

I absolutely love your collagen powders. They are of very high quality, no added sugars and no fillers. My hair and nails are growing non stop.