5 Immune Boosting Australian Botanicals

I am already feeling it and it is only the start of the season, can you feel the change of seasons? 

My entire family ends up with runny noses, itchy eyes, sore throat and living in a house on stilts also invites the dampness loving creatures and spore throwing fungi. An unforgiving combination of circumstances and a call for Australia's Native Botanical's to rid of the problems. 

Here are 5 Botanical's to help boost your immune system!

1. Lemon Scented Tea Tree

This gorgeous shrub is native to Australia and South Africa. Both the Oil and the Hydrosol (which is the water component when distilling the oil) are great to prevent pathological fungi Candida albicans and Aspergillus fumigatus. 

2. Rosalina (Lavender Tea Tree)

I adore this oil it is my favorite kid-safe choice for respiratory congestion common with seasonal pollen threats or seasonal change including wintertime illnesses. The oil itself has its origin in Western australia and the main crop is harvested in Harvey (WA). The hydrosol (which is the water component when distilling the oil) mixed with some water is a great gargle for both kids and adults alike. Or as a rinse for wound care. 

3. Quandong

Quandong is great for the extra Vitamin C boost needed to keep your immune system at optimal health. This tart native australian fruit has twice the amount of Vitamin C than an organge. The perfect addition to your morning smoothie or afternoon yogurt snack.









The Riberry has three times the folate found in a blueberry, is rich in manganese, packed with minerals, dense in anti-oxidants. Healthy nutritious and in season this fruit is a go to by my little boy. He loves to pick his own fruit as morning and afternoon snack. 

5. Kakadu Plum 

These little bundles of antioxidant richness are sure to boost your gut flora and boost your immunity. Super rich in Vitamin C and added phenolic compounds pack a super punch and when added to your morning smoothie or afternoon fruit bowl are surefire to keep you healthy. Or you could pound and crush the fresh fruit to use as anti-septic or soothing balm.

It is funny but also so amazing that our little people know what they need and what is good for them by birth. Genetic programming at its best. 



Thanks for jumping on board until next time.


 Your fellow Earthling Lena