Australian Non-Toxic Awards

Savi's Regenerative Eye Cream and Intensive Night Cream - Award Winners 2020

Step into the world of excellence and integrity with the prestigious Australian Non-Toxic Awards. This esteemed accolade celebrates the crème de la crème of products in Australia, those that embody the principles of safety, ethics, sustainability, and responsibility. Set apart from the rest, the Australian Non-Toxic Awards hold the distinction of being the first awards globally to recognise and honour products that are not only non-toxic but also socially responsible.

At the heart of our values lies the unwavering commitment to safety. We believe that every product should be a sanctuary of wellness, crafted with only non-toxic ingredients and materials. With the Australian Non-Toxic Awards, you can trust that the products we celebrate are free from harmful substances, ensuring your peace of mind.

Ethics take center stage as we champion products that are manufactured with fairness and integrity. We honour brands that prioritise ethically-sourced ingredients and materials, fostering a culture of transparency, equality, and respect throughout their supply chain. When you choose a product bearing the Australian Non-Toxic Awards mark, you can be confident that it reflects the highest ethical standards.

Embracing sustainability is a key tenet of the Australian Non-Toxic Awards. We recognise and reward products that are produced with a deep respect for the environment, ensuring a legacy of long-term environmental quality for generations to come. From responsible sourcing to eco-friendly manufacturing practices, these exceptional products showcase a harmonious balance between luxury and sustainability.

Responsibility goes beyond individual impact; it extends to the welfare of our local and global communities. The Australian Non-Toxic Awards celebrate products that contribute to the greater good, making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities. By supporting these products, you become a part of a movement that promotes social responsibility and uplifts society as a whole.

Join us in applauding the trailblazers, the visionaries, and the innovators who have redefined excellence in product manufacturing. The Australian Non-Toxic Awards shine a spotlight on the exceptional brands that prioritise your well-being, the well-being of our planet, and the well-being of our global community.

As you explore the world of products bearing the Australian Non-Toxic Awards seal, you can rest assured that you are making choices that align with your values. Together, we can create a future where safety, ethics, sustainability, and responsibility are not just aspirations, but the cornerstone of our everyday lives. Experience the power of conscious consumption and let the Australian Non-Toxic Awards guide you to a better, brighter future.