Meet Lena the Creator

Meet Lena, the Savi creator

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I am so blessed that my passion for the goodness and nourishment of the natural world is expressed in my livelihood; I am committed to a life of learning, growing, and sharing nature’s healing gifts with you.


Unmet health needs. Globetrotting. Career changes. My soul mate. Devastating loss. New love. Motherhood.


I wasn’t always conscious of it, but I now know that the Universe had a greater plan for me and all of life’s twists and turns were leading me closer to my purpose. I have always believed that healthy living and eating is the best foundation for a wholesome, happy and abundant life. It was the arrival of my beautiful boy, Mojo, that cemented my commitment to harness generational knowledge of plants to offer truly sustainable solutions for skin care needs.


Savi Organics was born out of my belief that nature has gifted us with all that we need for health and happiness, and it’s our duty to reciprocate the love and kindness. As always, its starts with the ingredients. I choose to work as locally as possible with hand-picked brand partners who share my values. All raw materials used in the Savi product range come from sustainable sources which I trust in origin and process, are mostly organic, and are present in beneficial amounts in the finished products.


I see it as our collective responsibility and privilege to nurture a loving connection with our Planet until the time comes to hand it over to its youngest custodians. I hope you can join me in creating a legacy of health and prosperity for our future generations so that they too can enjoy life’s twists and turns.


Bright blessings