Native Australian Botanical are the Super-Stars in growing inner strength.

Why do we need Botanicals?

So here is one thing to remember before we dive into this topic. Humans are plant based eaters maybe mixed diet eaters or also classified as herbivorous or omnivore; depending on where you find yourself at home. Both have one thing in common, in both diets plants are consumed in one way or another. Given you are looking at a balanced optimal health diet your plant or botanical intake will out-way any other form or food.  

Looking at the word itself botanical is probably something you would expect to find on medicinal products or maybe cosmetics. Which is a given fact or course but we seem to forget that all plants are botanicals. Yes that is right all plants are botanicals by nature, unfortunately we as a society have taken the meaning and picked it apart and now it seems its mainly used for marketing purposes. Which is a shame in itself. 

Kakadu Plum

What are they good for?

They support our immune system, organ health, gut health and can have major effect on our mental health or well-being. It is true to say that you are what you eat, which also applies to what you use on your skin as part of everything you apply to your body will end up in your body. So there is no need to say that awareness is key here. Guess what? All those super foods that are available today are, yes you guessed it right, botanicals.

Given the right botanicals in the right amounts, they can help heal the body, help make positive changes to everyday health, change your moods (feelings), assist with detoxing, boost your immune system & response time. But given the wrong advise they can also trigger the opposite effect. So be sure to ask a specialist iE a certified Herbalist to get the best out of botanicals. 

How do they work & where are they from?

Our body has receptors built in; be in the digestive system throughout the body and our brain. Those receptors or triggers if you want to call them that way are key to our health in every way. The funny thing is that every continent has their own set of healing botanicals that do just that; Yes that is right every continent. So there is no need to introduce foreign botanicals which could be devastating to the local environment. 

Every environment creates their own set of super botanicals according to their needs. Australia for example is a rugged land lacking in minerals, trace elements, has high sun exposure and has ample things that cause dermatological reactions. So needless to say that Australian super botanicals are rich in minerals, trace elements, vitamins, rutin and have a high anti-inflammatory content to just conquer these problems. Plants are amazing in adapting and supporting a healthy environment to ensure survival. To find out more have a read here

You see in this day and age everything is on our fingertips and it is to easy to get what we want when we want it. The marketing in the superfood sector or botanical sector is overwhelming. Promoting the next big thing on weekly basis that could come from as far as the Amazon or maybe the African dessert or Siberian mountains. So really what are you getting out of it. Your very own backyard probably holds the super botanical that is equivalent to the product they are trying to promote. 

To be continued as my toddler seems to be very mischievous and attention seeking...until next time and I hope you got to enjoy the info so far. Please do check out the links as there are some amazing people out there doing fantastic things with Australian Super Botanicals. Also watch out for the workshops coming up where I will be teaching more on this topic and how to decipher the marketing code.